Global maintains the strong belief that “children learn through play.” Global meets the unique needs of children by allowing them to choose engaging activities that interest them and promotes safe and healthy learning. We recognize the importance of nurturing and guiding each individual and providing choices to make their experiences rewarding in our diverse and caring environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to learn the socioeconomic and cultural needs of the communities we serve to ensure that our objectives are met, and our goals achieved. 

To date, we operate thirteen Global Children’s Center locations in Montgomery County with centers spanning from Silver Spring to Poolesville, MD. We have over one thousand children enrolled in our various programs throughout the county. Additionally, Global provides camps during the summertime to allow parents and students to have a fun, seamless transition from the school year to summer. We are proud to have maintained the integrity and essence of our program throughout our growth and expansion. Our programming has remained high quality, at an affordable rate, with a passionate, experienced staff that exude the family values which formed the company.