Global maintains the strong belief that “children learn through play.” Global meets the unique needs of children by allowing them to choose engaged activities that interest them and promotes safe and healthy learning. 

For our children to flourish, they must be provided with the tools for success. We have developed our program based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, to enrich and support the belief that an individual cannot be confined to one style of learning, or one “skill set.” Children must have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of materials, in a safe environment that stimulates and engages them.

We transform each center into enriching “Learning Zones” that promote the eight intelligences that Gardner identified in his career.

The “Eight Intelligences” are as follows:

  1. Global's Whole Child ApproachVisual-Spatial – think in terms of physical space and are very aware of their environments.
  2. Bodily-Kinesthetic – use the body effectively, and have a keen sense of body awareness.
  3. Musical – show sensitivity to rhythm and sound.
  4. Interpersonal – understand, and interact well with others.
  5. Intrapersonal – understand one’s own interests, goals and are very independent learners.
  6. Linguistic – use words effectively.
  7. Logical-Mathematical – strong reasoning skills, and conceptual thinkers.
  8. Naturalistic– understands nature and likes to classify things.

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