Enrollment and Schedules

How do I register for the Before and Aftercare Program?
 All registration is done online through our website. The registration form can be found under the “Before and After Care Registration” tab.
How do I make a schedule change/cancel my registration?
 You must provide us with at least a two-weeks’ notice via email. All schedule changes must be approved by an office member before it can be implemented.
Do I have to renew my registration every year?
 Yes, if you are a returning parent, you must fill out the renewal form every academic year to enroll your child.
How do I register for summer camp?
 Summer camp registrations are done online through our website. The registration form can be found under the “Summer Camp Registration” tab.
When can my child start?
 Your child’s registration takes two business days to process. In addition, you must have filled out and turned in all required forms to your director on site.
What forms does my child need to begin?
 In addition to a completed online contract, your child needs and completed emergency contact form and health inventory form. Both forms can be found on our website or located in your confirmation that was sent to your email.

Hours & Locations

What hours does Global open and close?
 Before Care: 6:30AM-9:00AM | After Care: 3:30 PM-6:30PM

Tuition & Payments

How do I make a payment for tuition?
 Payments for tuition can be made directly through your invoices you receive via email. You may also send a payment to our main office via mail at 12417 Deoudes Rd. Boyds, MD 20841. Please note, we do NOT accept payments on site.
When is my tuition due?
 Tuition is due on the Thursday or Friday prior to the week of care. This means that tuition should be paid at least one week in advance.
Do I pay tuition if my child has been absent or on a holiday?
 Yes, parents are required to pay regular tuition rates regardless of holidays, absences, inclement weather, etc. When you register your child in our program, we reserve your child’s spot for those specific days. No tuition is pro-rated or discounted for days that your child does not attend.
What are the rates?
How do I set up auto-payments?
 To set up auto-payments, call the main office or email us at globalcctuition.com.
Are there any fees for payments via credit/debit card?
 There is a 3% convenience fee imposed on all payments made with a credit debit card. But, you can avoid this fee by making a payment via checking account or by mailing a payment to our main office.
What is Global’s Tax ID?
 Our tax ID is 27-1638922.


What qualifications do your staff have?
 Global hires only individuals who demonstrate commitment to the care and well-being of students. Global employees attend extensive training, including orientation and shadowing some of our most experienced Directors and other senior staff. All our staff are certified in CPR, First Aid, and Basic Health & Safety.
What is your staff to child ratio?
 The staff to child ratio is always 1:15; but Global mandates a staff to child ratio of 1:10 for outdoor activities and field trips.